Weapons Workout

Empowerment, Balance and Harmony

Ruth Brown, Instructor

Weapons Workout

WWA is designed to bring a fun, inexpensive workout routine that someone can practice at home as well as in the class environment.  Each weapon has basic movements and a form. There are no requirements of strength or agility and nothing is needed except a willingness to learn and grow.  This is especially designed for people who have not wanted to join the “gym” environment or the repetitive machines.


The basis of the Weapons Workout is Kung Fu. The biggest difference is that the martial arts require strength, agility, speed and a great deal of training and commitment.  It can take years to become effective and confident.  WW, however, uses the principles and adapts them to a way that adults who have never done anything similar can become adept and master a fun form in a very short time.

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